“Cinderella Skeleton” by Robert D. San Souci

Cinderella Skeleton. Written by Robert D. San Souci; illustrated by David Catrow.

Cinderella Skeleton

     Cinderella Skeleton by Robert D. San Souci is a fun and light-hearted read for children of all ages. This picture book takes the traditional Cinderella story and gives it an eerie twist. Like the traditional story, Cinderella is a down-on-her-luck diamond in the rough. Her evil stepmother and stepsisters condemn her to a life of servitude. One day, however, things change. The much sought after prince holds a ball, and who else steals his heart other Cinderella herself? The main difference between the traditional story and this new creation? Well, Cinderella is a skeleton; Prince Charming becomes Prince Charnel; and instead of loosing her glass slipper, Cinderella loses her entire bony foot.

     Everything about this picture book is enjoyable: the modern adaptation of a classic, the enchanting illustrations, and the book is even written in poetic form. During my placement at Morgan County Middle School, my mentor teacher read this book to her middle school classes on Halloween. All of her students loved it, and I became a fan of the San Souci creation myself.  Join Prince Charnel in his quest to “match footbone to anklebone.” Read Robert D. San Souci’s Cinderella Skeleton to find out why life is more charming in Boneyard Acres, third mausoleum on the right.

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  1. Beth

    Thank you for including the fact that you saw a teacher use this in the classroom. You could definitely discuss retellings, adaptations, etc. Reading books like this aloud is a great way to show kids that picture books are not just for little ones.

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