Julian’s Story: A Reflection on “Wonder”

     For those of you not familiar with R.J. Palacio’s Wonder, it is a young adult novel about a boy who was born with a very unique face. This novel tells the story of August Pullman’s struggles beginning school. He meets peers that befriend him, peers that are afraid of him, and peers that make fun of him. While reading Wonder it becomes readily apparent that Palacio tells this harrowing story from multiple points of view. One thing however, seems to be missing. Julian Alban is this book’s greatest antagonist. He bullies August and makes sure no one will be his friend. Many people have expressed the desire that Julian should have his own entry in Wonder, giving greater insight into the thoughts and feelings of his abrasive personality. When asked why she left out this unique perspective, Palacio felt that Julian had nothing worth reading to add to August’s story. I however, disagree. Including this young antagonist’s story could shed great light on why children choose to bully others. This post is an excerpt of what Julian Alban’s entry in Wonder may have looked like if Palacio had included his point of view in her book. As you read, keep in mind that Julian was an antagonist. He had a hard time accepting August’s different face, and he loudly vocalized his opinions. Here is Julian’s story:

     “Today Mr. T. Called my parents and asked if I would go into school to show the new kid around. I really don’t want to. I mean, who wants to go to school over summer break? But I think I’m going to go. It’ll win me some brownie points with Mr. T. and my parents. They’ll think I’m such a good kid for doing this, and I am! Besides, I really want to see what this kid looks like. Apparently he has some weird facial deformity.  So, maybe I’m not doing this to be nice, but what my parents don’t know won’t hurt them.”

     “Haha, I’m so glad I went today! This kid looks like he belongs in the circus! If I were him, I would do the rest of the world a favor and go play in traffic. And his name is August, but his parents call him “Auggie”. What a baby name. I can just picture his parents calling him that and talking to him like a baby. “Oh AUGGIE! You are SUCH a big and brave boy for going to real school!” “Auggie, you are such a SPECIAL boy!” “Auggie, need me to wipe your nose for you?!” Gag me. There’s nothing special about him except for that freaky little face of his.”

    “I’m a hero. Everybody else is too afraid, but I said what they were all thinking. I called August Pullman what he is: a freak! People seem to think I’m brave for it. I’m really doing them a service. Mr. T wants to force kids to be Auggie’s friend, but I’m letting them know they don’t have to! I for one won’t  be his friend. Nobody can make me do something I don’t want to do, not even Mr. T. And if he does try, I’ll tell my parents. They’ll take care of it. After all, who wants to catch a case of Auggie’s face? I don’t, and all the other kids should know they don’t have to either. I’m standing up for us. I’m a hero.”

     “What is up with people? What is their problem? People are so stupid. One minute I’m a hero, the next minute I’m a jerk. But I don’t care what they think. I AM a hero. People don’t have to talk to that freak if they don’t want to. He shouldn’t even be here! This isn’t a school for “special” people. Auggie needs to go back to the circus where he can’t bother anyone. Seriously, his face grosses people out. I almost puke every time I look at him! I think I’m going to tell my parents he’s making people feel uncomfortable because he’s making ME feel uncomfortable! When Mr. T. asks Auggie not to come back to school next year, I’ll be a hero again. Everybody just feels sorry for Auggie, but when I rid this school of that terrible eyesore, everybody will be THANKING me!”




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8 responses to “Julian’s Story: A Reflection on “Wonder”

  1. Sam

    Should give more details .

  2. Bailey

    I wish you would have written some of the events from his perspective, not just his reactions to things that happen. Not too bad, but it doesn’t have very much detail.

  3. I definitely agree with everyone that this could use more detail, especially with specific events and not just reactions. However, it has been a while since I have read Wonder, so I will need to go back and do that.
    Does anybody have anything else they would like to suggest or add?

  4. Judy E Pruitt

    Yes Julian should have gave more information on his story this way it would make more sense than what he just wrote

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