Book Review for “The Green Mother Goose”


Peck, J., & Davis, D. (2011). The green mother goose: Saving the world one rhyme at a time, illustrated by Carin Berger New York: Sterling Publishing Company.

     Jan Peck and David Davis’s The Green Mother Goose is a well-thought out and creatively crafted work of art. This picture book is sure to capture the attention of young readers while teaching them a valuable lesson about “being green”.  The Green Mother Goose features a series of poems about taking care of the planet, each written in the style of a well-beloved childhood nursery rhyme. These rhymes make the idea of environmental awareness tangible and easily understood for young children; it also provides them with specific examples of how they can respect the planet in their everyday lives. Every aspect of this book is something to marvel at from its fun and fantastical illustrations, to its beautifully designed poems, and easy-to-understand lessons about environmental awareness. If you are a parent or teacher with a passion for educating the next generation about taking care of mother earth, this picture book is great for you. It not only educates its readers but delightfully entertains them in the process too.


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2 responses to “Book Review for “The Green Mother Goose”

  1. Beth F

    Interesting book….do you see anything in it for middle school students? Even just an excerpt?

    • I definitely think this teaches invaluable lessons about taking care of the environment. While this picture book is not very content specific, the poetry was beautifully done. The authors used the poetic form of childhood nursery rhymes and created their own poetry specific to their interests (environmentalism). One of my favorite poetry exercises to do in the classroom is imitation poetry. This exercise is very similar to what the authors of this picture book did. This is where a student takes a classic poetic work, maps out the rhyme scheme, and creates their own unique poem using the previous author’s form. I think this would be a great model for this work.

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