Book Review for “Voices of Ancient Egypt”


Winters, K. (2003). Voices of ancient Egyptillustrated by Barry Moser. Washington: National Georgraphic.

     Kay Winters’ Voices of Ancient Egypt is an informational picture book that educates its reader in a creative fashion. This book mixes two unlikely types of writing: informative writing, and poetry. Throughout the pages the reader goes on a journey back to ancient Egypt. Each page exhibits a profession or societal role specific to ancient Egypt. It is accompanied by a poem about that person’s role or duties, the hieroglyphics signifying their title in ancient Egyptian, and a beautiful illustration of what that person may have looked like. Between the pages of this book the reader learns about the lives and jobs of a variety of societal roles such as scribes, builders, goldsmiths, dancers, and embalmers. They learn about various aspects of ancient Egyptian life including religion, clothing, architecture, agriculture, jewelry, and cultural practices. Along with the information in the poems, there are additional historical notes in the back of the book. Kay Winters’ Voices of Ancient Egypt brings its reader a unique and creative look into the lives of ancient Egyptians. Whether you are reading it for its information, illustrations, or literature, this book is an enjoyable read.

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  1. Beth F

    Another fascinating informational text. I am excited to see it – sounds like an interesting mentor text to inspire writing about history. I love how picture books can bring a “boring textbook” study to life.

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