Book Review for “Lincoln Through the Lens”


Sandler, M. (2008). Lincoln through the lens. New York: Walker & Company.

     On the outside, Lincoln Through the Lens may look like a simple picture book, but once you crack open its pages you’ll find that it is much more than that. To begin with, I wouldn’t consider this a “picture book” in the traditional sense of the word. At almost one-hundred pages with dense text, it is not by any means a bed time story, nor is it meant to be read in one sitting. On the contrary, Lincoln Through the Lens is a biographical book with a series of photographs pertaining to the text. This book presents a biography of one of the most photographed presidents in American history: Abraham Lincoln. From his childhood to his assassination the author provides riveting photographs of the former president that engages the reader in a way that words cannot do alone. This biographical work is a great read for anyone with an interest in history, or Abraham Lincoln. It is also ideal for a student doing a professional inquiry into the life of this beloved president. Martin W. Sandler’s Lincoln Through the Lens is a biography that delightfully informs the read through words and photographs alike.

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  1. Beth F

    What a fascinating book. I know that many readers appreciate images, and it sounds like this text puts them front and center. I also appreciate biographies that take a different twist on those traditional topics.

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