Book Review for “Gandhi”


Demi. (2001). Gandhi. New York: Margaret K. McElderry Books.

     Demi’s Gandhi is a biographical picture book about the renowned civil rights activist and peacemaker for whom the book was named. This work features an insightful, although abridged, story of Gandhi’s life. The plainly written text accompanied by the fanciful illustrations make the complicated subjects that arise throughout the book easier for young readers to understand. Demi’s work is a great way to inform young readers not only about Gandhi’s life but also about the history of civil rights and peaceful protest in the previously British-ruled India. Though this picture book is far from a complete biography of Gandhi’s life, it makes the young reader aware of some of the most important aspects of the pacifist’s peaceful mission on earth. Gandhi by Demi is not only an informative text but a tribute to the peaceful and loving life of Mahatma Gandhi.

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  1. Beth F

    Demi has many of these texts, which often focus on figures and stories from Asian cultures and countries. A short, beautiful text can be a compelling invitation to learn more.

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