Book Review and Found Poem for Feed


Anderson, M. T. (2002). Feed. (pp. 103-110). Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.

     For those of you not familiar with the future-istic, young adult novel Feed, it’s definitely a unique read. This novel takes place in the future when technology has advanced to the point of sending teens to the moon for spring break and using a “feed”, or computer, right in your own brain. Advancements and technology have overrun this new world, but is that necessarily a good thing? On the one hand, people have access to any source of entertainment, information, social interaction, and shopping without even blinking an eye, literally; the feed streams in their mind! On the other hand, old ways of life are dying out. Natural plants and animals are dying off, and even the air is becoming a rare commodity. One young girl, Violet, believes she can see through the facade. Others might be easily fooled by the luxuries of this modern world, but she knows she is being controlled. Violet knows civilization is declining when cutting slits in your skin becomes a fashion statement, and planting trees is unheard of. She sets out to fight the feed as it begins to take a toll on her body. Read M.T. Anderson’s Feed, and join Violet in resisting the feed.

     Now that you know what the book itself is about, this poem will make much more sense. I mentioned found poems in one of my other posts. These kinds of poems are made by changing and rearranging words from an existing work of literature to make poetry. My found poem was taken from the words spanning pages 103-110 of M.T. Anderson’s Feed.

Here it is:


I wonder about resisting

I asked her whether she was sure

I looked back at her

Standing by the door

Pinching and pulling

I went to bed

Something was wrong

“never mind”, she said


Just for practice

Everything from the feed

It’s going crazy

Crazy for me

Sites, spotlights

In flurries they started coming

Winking beautifully

Our eyes opening and closing

Whoa! Whoa!

She said no

Because she was too smart

To be used like our feeds

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