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     So I recently became aware of this really cool website (thanks to my LLED5210 professor Beth). This website allows you to copy and paste a portion of text or type in a URL to any page, blog, or link. The web application then logs all the words used in this chunk of text and categorizes them based on their frequency of use; it then creates a picture out of the words used. The biggest words were used the most, and the smallest words were used the least throughout the course of the given text. These computer applications can be cool and artistic, but in addition, they can shed light on the most important elements or themes in a portion of text that you may not have noticed before. Sometimes the most used words give you clues to what the author of the text, consciously or subconsciously, values. There are multiple websites you can visit to access this sort of application, and here they are:


     I made an example of this type of picture art, and I used the website . I simply typed in a link to this blog, and the application did the rest. I hope you think it’s as cool as I did. And maybe you could try making your own!

blog tagxedo

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  1. Beth

    It makes me so happy when students see blogging and sharing as something natural to do. When you learn and make something, it is worth sharing. You have a voice that is worth hearing and I hope you continue to contribute to the online conversation.

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